about us
Who is hemispheres?
We’re a team of artists and experts in project development and management, marketing, science, fundraising and PR who have a unique vision to change the world.

Our Vision

To give a deeper perspective to artists and their art forms by making them ambassadors for sustainable development and global challenges!

Our Mission

Our mission is to link art and sustainable development by virtue of our services!

We strive to build platforms where messages for humanity are heard and put into action. By joining forces with artists and partners we aim at achieving a leverage which creates an impetus for crossing cultural and disciplinary borders to translate messages of sustainability into action.

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Our Inspiration

Today many of cross-cultural activities have enriched the cultural diversity in Austria and have even contributed to the exceptional reputation of Austria in the genre as well as they have succeeded to create a supportive fan community, stable, longer-term perspectives are non-existing for these artists.

Additionally, their messages addressing global challenges are not resulting into any visible action. hemispheres aims at providing a base for promoting this socio-cultural potential and moving it to the next level: culture for sustainable development.

We want to utilise our expertise to  leverage  artists to have the financial capacity to implement projects for change, sustainable development and other global non-political challenges.

What we are best at

Our Services

Our support strategy includes activities in the areas of:
Project Development
Project Management
Public Awareness
We conceptualise artistic projects to make them realistic and achievable.
Our expertise does not only lie in project management, we have a combined experience of team members working in various fields to manage creative projects with larger scopes.
We organize events to promote messages of sustainable development by involving artists who spread messages of change.
We organize courses and seminars to coach art professionals in project development and management, and
Fundraising .
We provide consultation in attaining sponsorships, EU and international funding, digitalisation and other tools to support artists.
We want to help artists make a positive impact in society, and know that economics can be a regressive tool! With us you do not have to worry about raising funds, developing your project, getting the right attention etc. Send us an email and we will consult you!
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