VOICES OF ART – hemispheres for evolution-connection-innovation



Sargfabrik, Vienna

13:00 - 15:00

Event Description :

The UNESCO World Radio Day will be celebrated worldwide for the 10th time on 13 February 2021. This year's edition is dedicated to the themes of 

  • Evolution - the world is changing, radio is evolving
  • Connection - the world is changing, radio is connecting
  • Innovation - the world is changing, radio is adapting and innovating.

These global themes simultaneously open the discourse on freedom of the press-censorship, democracy, information on the effects of global and climate change, epidemics, technological development and much more. - and all of this in real time and event-related. 

Radio as a medium to connect people in all their diversity. Radio that provides an arena for all those who want to share their opinions and be heard. But radio also as a medium for artistic language across all cultures and audible forms of expression. 

hemispheres operates at the interface between art and development cooperation. Our mission is to identify, strengthen and develop the link between art and the challenges of global change. We want to support artists in developing their potential so that they can become ambassadors with important and urgent messages for humanity.

We take the 10th World Radio Day as an opportunity to let art ambassadors speak about future issues in their personal form of artistic expression. 

The slogan #NewWorld #NewRadio of this year's World Radio Day with the themes of evolution-connection-innovation also forms the link to the current situation of the art scene: how can - beyond physical presence and interaction - the widest possible audience be reached? For this reason, we  hemispheres  see this year's World Radio Day as the perfect occasion for a live streaming event. This event will take place in November 2020 instead of the originally planned event and will be produced in the Sargfabrik as planned. 


13 February 2021, from 1:00 p.m. Live Stream LIVE Stream

event on the occasion of World Radio Day with music by

“African Connection” Adama Dicko & Seno Blues mit Adama Dicko (BF) n’goni + vocals, Assane Fall (SEN) perc, Emanuel Kopf (AT) bass, Michael Auinger (AT) sax

Tum Tum Rhythms mit Lamin Camara (GN) perc + vocals, Fode Sy (SEN) perc + vocals, Bengaly Cisse Bennie (SL) drums + vocals, Uriat Beats (GH) solo guitar

Alokesh Chandra Indian Classical Trio

The programme will be led by hemispheres

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