Voices of Art: Celebrating World Radio Day

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February 22, 2021
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On 13 February 2021 the global community celebrated the 10th UNESCO World Radio Day. Under the motto #NewWorld #NewRadio with focus on radio evolution – connection – innovation we took the opportunity to organise a virtual live streaming event in the Sargfabrik in Vienna, AT.

By acting on the interface Art – development cooperation concentrating on the challenges of global change in the context of the 17 SDGs we aim at supporting artists in the development and strengthening of their potential so that they can become ambassadors to promote important messages for humanity.

The 10th World Radio Day served us as the perfect event to present artists who are able to express themes for a sustainable future from their personal background and art form. At the same time, this format of a live streaming event served as a reminder of the current situation of the art scene under Covid-19 constraints.

The programme included music, discussions and great banter between the moderators. The event program was guided by Willy Muhozi und Marina Ichikawa with Jonathan Meiri (video cam) and Florian, Robin, Paul (technicians). This by all means challenging event was coordinated by Praveet Chandra.

Performing artists:

- African Connection” Adama Dicko & Seno Blues

- Tum Tum Rhythms

- Alokesh Chandra Indian Classical Trio

Special thanks to the technical team:

Video engineers: Jonathan Meiri (Camera), Florian (Editor & Director) and Marcos (Assistant Director)

Sound engineers: Robin

Light Engineer: Paul Mohavedi

This event served only as an introduction to our mission in the form of:

  • the creation of networks and related activities,
  • new intercultural and inter-/multidisciplinary art project to underline the creative art potential in Austria,
  • the creation of scopes of action in the SDG context,
  • the strengthening of the interface between art, global challenges and future issues,
  • developing cooperations in regions of the southern hemisphere,
  • new cultural project formats,
  • longer-term perspectives for artists,
  • the strengthening of public awareness and
  • the initiation of projects in fragile and concerned regions.

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Voices of Art: Celebrating World Radio Day

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