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Our fundraising strategy is based on different approaches:

  1. Sponsoring
  2. Donations, memberships, patronage, partnerships
  3. Marketing of products, services, projects
  4. National and international financing sources/instruments

In accordance with the specific financing approach, hemispheres will elaborate the concept, develop the necessary instruments, liaise with the donors, design PR strategy and take care of the reporting and accounting.

Project Development

We support creative project to maximise its prospect while connecting them to the SDGs

One of our main missions is to support artists with their projects. Based on our long-term experience in the field we can listen to your ideas, translate them in a project, tailor a concept that suits you and propose ways for their realisation and successful implementation. We can reach out for partners and funding.

Projects should link to the ambition of hemispheres to contribute to sustainable development according to the 17 SDGs . Ideally, artists we support and guide see their work as ambassadors from their traditional cultural background reaching out to the world with their messages to address challenges for humanity. These messages could find its expression as art productions, collaborations, development/humanitarian projects, exhibitions, events, courses, other products (not exhaustive).

Project Management

We utilise our experience in project management to implement creative projects.

Once a project has a reasonable base – a concept  and financing – project implementation can start. The team of hemispheres has a long-standing professional experience in project management according to international standards. As an international team we bring in our inter- and multicultural know-how in combination with our multidisciplinary backgrounds.

We believe that with this open approach we can provide a stable and continuous base for any project realization from the project start to the finalisation.Project management helps with the implementation of diverse projects such as the planning and organization of events, collaborative projects, courses/workshops, exhibitions and much more.

Public Relations & Awareness

We take over a creative project to maximise its prospect while connecting them to the SDGs

Ambassadors need to be heard, their messages have to be distributed. PR and public awareness are also essential to grow the community and create alliances. With fundraising, PR strategies are a must to embark together with financing partners on a mutual journey.

hemispheres has long experiences in combining fundraising, cooperation and messages into an outreach strategy. We are also marketing specialists who are there to make the best out of your project so that it becomes tailor-made, unique, authentic, but at the same time attractive for your audience and target groups.


Networking is embedded in our fundraising, public relations and marketing services. based on your project, hemispheres will help you to develop, strengthen and multiply your networks.

Nowadays nearly everybody is part of a community on facebook, instragram and other social media. Nevertheless, your presence can be improved, your audience better defined and your appearance more shaped to become your unique voice. hemispheres can support and guide you in your personal or project-related outreach.

Networking is far more than social media. networking means linking to potential partners, like-minded people and platforms. Networking is connecting beyond geographical and physical borders based on common interest, complementarities and again, for letting the world know what you have to say.


  1. formulate your idea: a short note of your project via email or give us call
  2. we will meet up to conceptualize your idea
  3. based on your idea and the key features we will draw up a concept for you
  4. in another exchange we are will finalize the concept together
  5. we will propose a tailor-made strategy including: fundraising, marketing and PR/networking strategy, management plan, depending on your project. together with you we will decide how to proceed
  6. we will provide you with an overview of steps we will undertake as well as the time planning
  7. project preparation: communication with partners, searching for financing, setting up the project management, communication plan etc.
  8. project start: from here on we can also take care of the management, the accounting, the public awareness, reporting, …..along the whole project cycle, depending on the project
  9. Outreach: organisation of events, media campaigns… in accordance with the needs of your project
We want to help artists make a positive impact in society, and know that economics can be a regressive tool! With us you do not have to worry about raising funds, developing your project, getting the right attention etc. Send us an email and we will consult you!
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